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The Silicon Valley of Europe:

  • # 1 Solvency in the EU
  • #1 Quality of life in the EU
  • ​# 1 Taxation in the O.E.C.D.
  • # 1 Startup nation in the EU
  • ​# 1 Digitalization in the world
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It's a story of man, Roman, is outspoken, very acknowledged, always had solutions to my questions. A passion for his job, which is undeniable.
He wants to help people become masters of their destiny, financially independent; we share the same values. Fabulous, outstanding service, we are pampered, things are made very simple. "
Regine Labrosse, Author, Entrepreneur, Investor
If you have the appetite to invest abroad, I invite you to get in touch with LIFEINVEST ™. I take the plane; I sign, I become owner, I go back home that evening, thank you, Romain! LIFEINVEST ™ showed me the way and guarantees of safety. Much fun, 5 minutes to secure the reservation online, and less than two days for signing at the notary. "
Denis Descamps, Entrepreneur, Investor, Author
 I don't want to invest in France, particularly with the current context. My pillar of enrichment: online business, so I do not want to go through the troubles of hunting for income-producing properties.
In Estonia, they make programs to attract people. In France, it's the opposite effect. Estonia has a good reputation, safe to invest, good feeling with the country, trust."
Clement Benoit, Entrepreneur, Expert e-commerce and 
alternative investments
I go out of the notary for the purchase of a new property in France, as usual: half an hour late on the appointment schedule, tons of papers to sign, complicated French paperwork. When we have tasted efficiency and simplicity, It hurts to go back.  "
Victor Cabrera, Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, Investor
" Visit of property on Monday, final deed of sale at the notary on Friday.
They INVEST where I INVEST. It's fast; it's efficient, with systematic profitability of 7% on new housing with long term rent.
My goal is wealth management; I'm not looking for absolute profitability. I'm looking for passive income, without ever being called. "
Maxence Rigottier, Internet Millionaire, International Speaker, Investor